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About This Application.

ProMotiveCar is powered by our partnerships with industry leaders in technology, strategic solutions, and business services. Our adaptable ecosystem enables you to expand your reach and multiply the impact of your social media activities.

Our Marketing Partners offer a broad range of marketing solutions to help you advertise your business, sell your products, and engage with customers more effectively.

We designed ProMotiveCar to save dealers time and money marketing their dealership and posting fully optimized website ads to increase each dealer's search ranking with any search engine marketing campaign. Manage all your social media content & integrations in one place.

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Get Advanced Social Media & Website Linking & Posting Tools"

Take advantage of our advanced "social media & website linking tools" to promote your business. Linking all of your social media & website content to all of your products & services. Automate all of your website and social media content to post ads to Google, Facebook Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Invite Any Team Members, Employees, Or Friends To Join Your Platform.

Build your platform page by page and section by section. Expand your marketing reach by inviting team members to join your platform.

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High-Quality Vehicle Description Pages Built For Search Engine Marketing.

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Google Maps & Location Services On Every Vehicle Listed.

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Fully Optimized For Video & Social Media Marketing.

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Our Advanced Content Management System Ensures That Every Dealer Has The Latest Marketing Tools To Stay Ahead Of The Game.

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ProMotiveCar works great for me... I sell a lot of cars using this tool. It's the one platform that works with my other advertising websites. I love it! The content management and all the social media & e-commerce integrations that ProMotiveCar provides, works better than any other higher-priced program. It's great!

Charles Evans

Lux Auto Brokers

We Build Progressive Websites Designed For Dealers And Automotive Sales Professionals.

We Create High-Quality, Eye-Catching Product Offerings You Can Bundle & Stack Together From One Website Platform.

Manage All Of Your Dealerships Social Media With Advanced Content Management. All From One Place. Accessible On All Devices.

Connect With A ProMotiveCar Product Specialist.

Create Your Own Brand & Market Your Dealership Using The Local Dealer Approach.

Using The Power Of Search Engines & Social Media Marketing To Expand & Reach Your Target Market!

We make it easy to design your own website and create your own offer pages to make it irresistible to the customers to engage. This means, when you create content or product offers on social media, the same product offers are updated and posted on your website.

Customers Love Our Product.

Here's Why:

"We safeguard your brand’s visual identity and make you look professional and consistent without any hassle of establishing an unforgettable brand."

We build trust with visual consistency with our community when selling cars. We provide several other service-related items which our dealership has to offer offers on social media. ProMotiveCar give us the ability to showcase our own unique brand in a way that no other dealer software can. We own all our own content, and its our content that helps us sell so many cars!!

Jake Chettfour

CEO at Sun Coast Motor Co.

Take Your Dealership To The Next Level With An Advanced Content & Lead Management System.

Unlike any other marketing platforms, our industry will always be dominated by one channel. With Google being our market leader we can use Google to put your dealership name on the forefront of every search done within those demographics.

ProMotiveCar makes it easy to post what you have in store and allows you to post your products and services directly onto Google without having website visitors click on your website to view your products & services. Use ProMotiveCar to attract more buyers by sharing your events, products, or service offerings directly onto Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Individuals who see your SEM advertisements are actively searching for the key works we indicate when we spend money on paid advertisements.

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